"I have been SO happy with my experience with Thunder Road Financial. They actually know how to work deals instead of hiding behind a computer scoring system! It is so refreshing to be able to call up ThunderRoads and discuss ways to make deals happen as opposed to why they shouldn’t happen. Thank you Thunder Road!!!! We appreciate you all!"

-Denise Armstrong Grapevine Honda

"Thunderroad is a very important part of our business.  They have opened a whole new spectrum to making dealerships money and making very effective approvals.  I personally love Thunderroad because of their amazing staff. I feel like I am working with family and I also feel like I’ve worked with them for many many years. TR is always willing to find a way to make a deal happen and they end up making the deal happen because they trust us and believe in the customers. When I call the office they all know who I am and this means the world to me. I have taken most of my business away from other lenders because of the staff. Honestly, I would make more money sending deals to some of your competitors on the back end of the deals but I am loyal to those who take care of me and help me when I need it. A lender and dealer need to be a great reflection of each other in order to work well together and make smart business decisions together. FBC and TR are great reflections of each other. You guys set the industry standard for how a credit department should function and your customer service is pure perfection"

-Samer Fidy Fun Bike Center

"ThunderRoad is taking the Motorcycle Industry by Storm! In the decade and half that I have been getting the rubber down the road... It feels Great to have such an empowering group that gets it."

-JR Lebaron Aka " Ginger" Huntington Harley Davidson

"ThunderRoad Financial has been a great partner for us.  They have been able to provide us with additional financial solutions for our customers that has allowed us to retain more business and increase our profit! The callbacks are simple and come back to you in a timely fashion.  Couldn’t be happier with them as a partner."

-Mike Bruno's Northshore Harley Davidson

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